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Hi, my name is Scott Warne, I currently live in the Vale Of Glamorgan, South Wales. My Dad gave me my first Pentax SLR camera back when I was just 11 years old and since then I have always had a keen interest in Photography.

Technology and style has moved on considerably during the last 20 years but its still the person behind the camera that creates a wow image. Having worked for some pretty big companies including GM Motors, Orange Communications PLC and Coca Cola I know just how important customer relations are and how important reputation is.

Being a Professional Photographer doing my dream job of capturing images of your dream day is an amazing way to make a living. I meet many people all of whom often remain good friends and I usually go onto shooting family portraits with the children.

I have a passion for capturing images that tell a story in a documentary style. I am also accredited as a Sports Photographer for the European Golf Tour where I shoot some of the worlds' top players in action.

My objective as a wedding photographer is to develop a relationship with each couple I work with - this will allow me to produce natural wedding pictures that you will love! I believe I have a natural ability to put the bride and groom at ease in front of the camera so that I can capture your beauty, personality, uniqueness, and your feelings on your very special day.

My style of wedding photography is centred mainly around Documentary style images capturing real moments as they happen. Of course I will also shoot some group shots which you will want to see in the album, these will become historical images for your family for many generations to come. My objective is to tell the story of your wedding day. Capturing the fun and emotions, translating them into beautiful modern pictures.

I will document all the key moments, from the bridal preparations through to the first dance whilst also capturing the key details such as invites, table decorations, flowers and shoes etc. I attend your wedding with an assistant who will help me with lighting equipment and control to get them crucial wall-art shots.

I use 3 of the latest Canon digital SLRs including full frame. I also shoot with a Fuji X-Pro 1 camera which is excellent for documentary style photography and will always carry it at weddings.

I also have back-up equipment and a range of high quality top end lenses including telephoto and wide angle as well as professional lighting equipment.

Capturing amazing images of your wedding day doesn't end at the first dance. I then spend a good many hours processing and editing your pictures creating the perfect images that will eventually fill your album. I have over £2000 of software that with a good, correctly exposed image and a lot of knowledge can create breath-taking scenes. I always feel quite humbled when someone even enquires about my services for Wedding Photography, to be asked to photograph and capture images of your most important day is such a privilege and for that reason I will always produce the best work I can. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I look forward to giving you more information about my Wedding Photography should you need it.

As featured In Both Your South Wales Wedding & Your Wedding Day Magazine, Published In Digital Photographer Magazine, Image Maker Magazine & The Daily Mail


Tell us a bit about yourself, how do you describe your photography style?

I definitely have my own style of photography which I think is mostly a creative cinematic style mixed with candid documentary images. I love black & white images and how timeless they are.

However I believe a Wedding Photographer needs all styles of photography on a Wedding day. You need to adapt to the weather, the surroundings and the people and learn to get wow images whatever the situation.

I am a portrait photographer, fashion photographer, photojournalist, landscape photographer all in a Wedding day - you have to be!!!!

When did you start taking photos and what inspired you to get started?

I guess it started at around 12 years of age. My Dad was into Photography and had a pretty good SLR shooting film. I remember reading lots of books that my Dad had on Photography but mostly just looking at all the good pictures.

My Dad gave me his camera and I just remember taking pictures and trying to get some really good images. I got lucky one day and snapped a great Landscape picture that my school teacher bought from me and got the bug from there.

Do you have any influencers?

I am completely self-taught but love to follow the work of Grand Master Wedding Photographer Yervant. I love his work. I am also influenced by images that I see and not necessarily the photographer.

I like to look at published images and Award Winning images and see what the picture is trying to say. I admire any images where lighting has been used to bring the image alive and more importantly the way its been used. I think all good photographers can influence you in some way.

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