EXPRESS THE DRESS PORTRAIT - Scott Warne Photography

This isn't a “Trash the Dress”, “Cherish the Dress” or “Rock the Frock” photo shoot!!

This is a commissioned session resulting in having an amazing and unique wall art portrait of you in your wedding dress!

Lets face it the dress is without a doubt the most expensive dress you will ever buy & only wear once so why not show it off another day at a great location that you probably didn’t have the time for on your big day.

Your Wedding day is over and now you are not so worried about your dress. But before taking it to be professionally cleaned why not wear it once more for an off-the-wall "Express The Dress" luxury fine art portrait.

The session is not about capturing hundreds of pictures, the process is a collaboration of ideas to create a piece of luxury signature art for your home.

This idea of having a unique one off edition signed piece is now more popular than ever, we will collaborate on ideas and to produce a truly breathtaking image finished on giclee fine art paper. 

"The 100% cotton surface of the paper creates an extra matte and, above all, soft character. The result is exceptionally sharp and details are reproduced incredibly precisely. The print creates impressive depths and an incredible liveliness. The fine structure of the surface as well as the feel of this unique 308 g/m² paper is particularly suitable for art reproductions and black and white photographs."

Even if you have used a different Wedding Photographer I can still be booked for an "Express The Dress" portrait which can make an amazing wedding day gift for your bride. See examples below.

Abandoned Chapel

Nadine gave us the brief of trying to find somewhere really unique and a bit gritty.

We did a bit of research and game up with this abandoned chapel strewn with graffiti.

First I shot the entire scene without Nadine to expose for the natural light and then another scene with Nadine in a classy pose. We timed it for enough available light to leak through the broken side windows and my assistant was just out of shot with some off-camera lighting to light Nadine.

The 2 images were merged in post production to create this stunning shot which has been published and also awarded a "Highly Commended" by the Society Of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP)

Southerndown Beach, South Wales Coast

Shot on the jurassic coast of South Wales at sunset.

We used external off-camera lighting to effectively light Lisa whilst retaining the magic sunset colours of the scene.

This image was featured and exhibited at the 2018 Photography Show at Birmingham's NEC and also won a "Highly Commended" award from the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

Abandoned Staircase

Graffiti Bride

The Coast

Broken Dreams


An Express The Dress portrait is £500 - This includes the shoot at an agreed location, all the retouching, editing and artwork and also the giclee fine art print up to 20x16 inches.

The voucher also includes a £100 product credit that can be used towards any framing option or product including acrylic, canvas and alu-dibond.

We are proud to use Cadremont at for all our framing options and they produce high quality framing solutions with magic glass.

For all our wall art products we use Saal Digital at who produce high quality canvas, acrylic and alu-dibond options.


* I would like to buy an Express The Dress Portrait Gift or Voucher. How can I do that?

Simply fill out the ENQUIRY form.

* Will I get a gift voucher that I can give to the Bride?

Yes, you will receive a luxury gift voucher that you can present inside a card. This will be posted out to you.

* How long is the voucher valid?

The voucher has no expiry date although we do encourage you to try and use it within a year.

* What happens if we have booked a different Wedding Photographer?

An Express The Dress Portrait is separate to your Wedding and is shot on a different day. You can book an ETD Portrait session with me whether I am your Wedding Photographer or not.

* Do I need to do my hair & make-up professionally?

You can get your hair and make-up done professionally if you like but most of our portrait shots are dramatic because of the scenery. This means that you will often be photographed as part of the scene and not up close.

Usually our brides just spend the time doing their own hair and make-up and this is absolutely fine.

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