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I love to incorporate details of the venue in some of my couple shots, I couldn't get this shot during the day as the sun was just to strong creating a really harsh light.

I waited until dusk to bring the couple back out when the light was beautiful and soft, the setting sun illuminated the sign and I added a little video light on the couple to separate them from the wall.. The pose was natural and romantic and its a greta detail shot showcasing the venue and the couple.


This image was shot during the signing of the register - usually I try and get behind the couple to take a documentary style image looking out at all the other guests taking their own pictures but on this occasion I was unable to do that so I just shot the scene.

I love the age range of the guests and the expression on all the faces, also the array of devices including tablets and the i-phone.

The image was a very popular Facebook image that drew lots of likes and comments This will be an image that people will look back on in 40 years and say "I remember the i-phone - everyone had one" -

For that reason this image makes my signature collection.


This is a documentary style image of a little bridesmaid called Lydia. It was shot in the main room where the bride was getting ready. I am always on the lookout for story-telling images like this and was very pleased with this shot.

Any good photographer will love to shoot using window light as its soft natural light and works so well when converted to black & white. In this image the groom and groomsmen had arrived outside and Lydia rushed over to the window to take a look.

I quickly anticipated the shot and the result is beautiful. Shot with a 50mm prime lens the lovely soft light falls onto Lydia but I was careful to still show lots of detail in her hair and dress.


This late night image was shot at De-Courceys Manor in Cardiff. After dark the Garden Gazebo was illuminated and we were fortunate that the couple got married on the day of a "Blue Moon"

We shot a long exposure image of the gazebo on its own without the couple in it and then we set up some external lighting and shot another image with the couple in it.

The two images were merged together in post production to create this stunning scene.


This image was shot in the Piano Bar of the Vale Hotel. Prior to the shot I made the scene very clean and uncluttered,

I wanted to be sure to capture the atmosphere of the room and wanted to also capture the down-lights of the wall-art. I set up 1 off-camera flash with an umbrella to the right of the bride, I wanted to light the bride evenly and retain the detail in her white dress.

I set the couple up in a very relaxed and natural pose and the image worked perfectly, the shot was used in the Album as a full page spread.


This my "Boys At The Bar" signature image.

We try and get this image at every wedding we shoot. We set up the lighting ready and the groom is placed in the middle surrounded by his groomsmen and best man.

We apply our unique "Fine Art" edit in post production and the result is always a memorable shot.


This Bridal Portrait was shot at the New House Country Hotel in Cardiff.

It was late evening when the sun had disappeared to leave some lovely soft light. 

The bride was positioned on the steps in front of the house in an eloquent pose. We lit the bride with a soft box light to get a high quality image and then applied our unique edit. Its a beautiful bridal portrait that made a lovely album shot and also some high quality wall-art.


Shot at the Celtic Manor, South Wales.

This image was shot in the mirror of the lift. I knew I would get a good shot as the lift is always a private space and the couple would naturally fall into a loving pose.


Shot at Southerndown Beach in South Wales for an Express The Dress Shoot

As the light was fading and the sun setting we established the best location for the shot. Lisa was photographed with my assistant just out of shot holding some off-camera lighting and the end result was perfect.


This image was shot at De Courceys Manor in Cardiff -

It was early evening on a summers day and we decided to go outside the venue entrance onto the quiet road to shoot this beautiful image.

The couple are photographed as they walk under the shade of the overhanging tree branches which are also creating a natural frame for the image.

The shade provides a wonderful soft natural light on the couple and I think its a story-telling image.


We love this Bride portrait!! This image was set up with the bride looking at her husband who is just outside of shot. 


This bride silhouette was intentionally captured.

Just as the bride was walking to the ceremony we knew she would pass this lovely georgian style window at Maes Manor Hotel - and we exposed for a silhouette style image which made a full page album spread.

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