FAQs - Scott Warne Photography

To help make things easier for you, here are the most common questions that get asked by couples booking a photographer...

What is your Photography style?

We pride ourselves in letting our couples determine that from the images they see on our website.

My Wedding Photography Style is Fine Art fused with a cinematic timeless edit and is centred mainly around Documentary images...

I like to tell the story of the day through natural photographs, capturing you and your guests enjoying the day and capturing those special moments.

Will you be the Photographer attending the Wedding? Do you have an assistant?

I will be the photographer attending and yes, I also have an assistant for lighting control and equipment assistance. Also for miscellaneous things such as fluffing the dress, holding lights, family formals etc.

How will you show me my images after the Wedding? Will I see proofs or an online gallery?

Around 14-28 days after the wedding I will have processed and colour corrected all the images. I will then upload the pictures to an online gallery. This will be under the CLIENT ROOM on the website.

There will be a unique password for you to access your photo gallery which will contain your high resolution files for printing and your low resolution files for social media sharing.

The image gallery will contain your story of the day from getting ready to the end of the reception. You can share your gallery with family and friends and it will be available to view for 1 year after your wedding.

Do you do any colour correcting / editing to the images before we receive them?

I will always strive to get the best images I can in camera but all images can be enhanced with some careful editing. 

The first stage of editing is to colour correct each image which involves retouching of exposure, contrast, temperature, colour, cropping and sharpening.

We also apply the edits to every individual image to make sure we are getting the best out of the image (no batch editing)

The second level of editing is more advanced and is reserved for prints and the album. Here, we complete some minor retouching of stray hairs, smoothing the skin, removing blemishes and also removing distracting backgrounds or objects which detract from the overall image.

How will you make it easy for me & my guests to order prints & products?

Your guests can look through your on-line gallery and either obtain the Hi-Res image from your digital picture pack or contact me directly with our IMAGE ORDER FORM if they would like a product such as a framed print or canvas etc.

There are options for all types of PRODUCTS from standard prints to huge wall art canvas and photo books etc. I also deal with a high quality print lab for fine art prints and a local bespoke framer.

My album supplier is the renowned Italian album company Graphi-Studio.

Do you offer a Pre-Wedding / Engagement shoot?

Yes, I do offer a pre wedding shoot or engagement shoot.

This is an ideal time for us to get to know one another and for me to demonstrate poses and lighting that will look amazing on your Wedding day. If not included then this can be booked in addition to your package.

Some couples use the photos in a number of ways including save the date cards, signing frame, wedding website and prints at the wedding etc.

Do you have a back up Photographer if you cannot make it?

I will be there!!! But yes, in the unfortunate and rare event of non attendance I do have a network of photographers that I can call upon...But then again if I can call someone that means I am alive so I will be there!!

Will we be dealing with you after the Wedding?

Yes, I complete the entire process from booking to final album handover.

I am a bit of a perfectionist and need to fully complete the process.

Do you have a contract and what is your payment policy?

I do have a contract. Like any legitimate business I have a contract in place as much for you as the customer as it is for me as the service provider.

Full details can be issued upon request and will be included in your booking pack.

A £200 deposit is required to secure your date and we tend to collect the remaining balance around 28 days before the wedding date.

Can we meet before the Wedding?

We do like to meet our couples and get to know you a little.

We like to discuss your aspirations for your wedding day. We tend to discuss the timeline of your day, any formal specific photography you require, basically everything through to the names of the main bridal party and colour of your bouquet!

I will show you some of the equipment I use as well as sample albums etc.

We know we want to book you. Do we still need a meeting?

Firstly, Thank You!! We never take that for granted the fact that a couple wants to book us without a face to face meeting. We can communicate solely through email and make everything official online.

We'd be thrilled and honoured to be your chosen Wedding Photographer and can actually start discussing your big day or making arrangements for your E-Session (should you have one) after we take care of the contract and deposit.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with three professional Canon SLR cameras. A Canon 5D MKIII (full frame 22 megapixel) with a 50mm Portrait Art lens. A Canon 6D full frame with 70-200mm lens ideal for portrait shots and unobtrusive guest shots and also a Canon 7D as backup. I also carry a Fuji X-Pro 1 camera which is great for documentary style shots.

I have a selection of wide angle and zoom professional lenses as well as professional lighting equipment including an LED Rotolight which is a video light that produces a lovely soft light.

It is a total of almost £20,000 worth of equipment. I also shoot in RAW and process your images with Adobe Lightroom, Portrait software and Photoshop.

All images are then converted to the standard JPEG format for your digital pack.

How many images will we get to see?

Approx 800 images will be captured during your day. From these around 400-500 will be carefully edited and digitally processed with my unique style.

From these images we will start pulling together the Graphi-Studio album design (should you have an album package) and the album will contain around 70 images depending on size)

Its not about the quantity of images, its about the quality!!!

400 amazing wedding photos telling a story are better than 1000 average shots that do not mean anything.

Who owns the copyright?

Actually we both do...But we like to think they are your images!

I will transfer joint copyright to the couple upon completion of the edit process.

This does not permit commercial use of the images to the venue or any other third party. However I reserve the right to use any image for marketing purposes.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured for public liability up to £3 million on all location shoots and also public indemnity.

Some venues also demand it but we are a registered Ltd Company and we take responsibility for making sure that we are fully covered to attend and shoot your wedding at any location including abroad.

How do we book you?

Get in touch to make sure your date is available and we can go from there.

Use the CONTACT FORM here.

If we book you it could be months until our Wedding Day. What is the process from there?

Most couples tend to book me well over a year in advance. I appreciate that after paying a deposit it could be quite scary to think that the next time we meet will be in a year or 18 months etc.

For this reason I will update you every 3 months with your progress bar (as seen below)

The progress bar is like a checklist of the stages of the Wedding Photography package and every 3 months this is sent to you so you can see the stage we are at.

Hopefully this will give you some comfort in the knowledge that I am still here and still planning your wedding day shoot.

Obviously, I am always on the end of the phone and also encourage my clients to call with any exciting image ideas or just a chat / advice regarding your big day.

Thank You

We appreciate that we may not be the right fit for every couple, there are lots of Photographers out there and some are considerably cheaper!!

Competition is healthy and everyone has a different budget for their Wedding Photography - There are some Wedding Photographers out there charging under £1000 and if you like their style and they seem reliable and everything stacks up then go for it.

You just need to make sure you are hiring a Professional so we have pulled together the following checklist which should make sure your day is captured and remembered in the best way possible...

*Do they have public liability or public indemnity insurance?

If one of your guests was to trip over their camera bag and break a leg then they are entitled to sue you as its your Wedding! If the photographer has a malfunction with their equipment or memory cards and all your images disappear you cannot make a claim!

*Does the Photographer have back up equipment should they have malfunctions?

*What if it rains! Will they have professional lighting in dark situations and more importantly know how to use it?

*Will they process your images correctly?

*Are they skilful at Photoshop and have ££££s pounds worth of software for retouching etc?

*Are they likely to have visited your venue to establish the best locations for shots?

*Are they proficient at shooting winter weddings with poor natural lighting?

*Will they have an assistant to help organise guests and assist with lighting and equipment?

*Do they have access to quality album suppliers and pro printing labs?

*Will they turn up? What can you do about it if they don't?

*Are they are a registered business registered with HMRC for tax and NI?

*Do they have contracts in place to protect you?

When I am at a wedding I have over £20,000 worth of equipment with me. This includes backup camera bodies, the highest quality memory cards and professional lighting equipment, several high quality lenses including wide angle, portrait and telephoto. I am fully insured for both public liability and indemnity insurance to the value of £3,000,000

I attend wedding courses to stay up to date with the most recent techniques and trends. I have an assistant to assist with guests and lighting, I will visit your venue to scope out the best picture locations and have a plan B incase of bad weather.

I shoot in RAW format and I will spend 2-3 days after the wedding professionally processing and editing images on the latest Mac. I will photoshop pictures and complete retouching and colour correcting. I will meet with you after the wedding to show your pictures and complete a full album design and DVD slideshow.

I will upload your images to your own passworded gallery and have a facility for guests to order. 

This is not written to justify my prices, I do not need to justify my skill, my investment or my time.

Thankfully most brides will appreciate that wedding photography is an art and one of the most important aspects of your day and I tend to shoot for those type of clients. 

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