In this digital age it is quite nice to be able to see an art-image in print format.

This is a commissioned session resulting in having an amazing and unique wall art portrait of you in your wedding dress!

Lets face it your Wedding dress is without a doubt the most expensive dress you will ever own, why not “invest the dress” and collaborate in a wall art portrait by Scott Warne - #artbyscotte

The session is not about capturing hundreds of pictures, the process is a collaboration of ideas to create a piece of luxury signature art for your home that will also become a family heirloom.

This idea of having a unique one off edition signed piece of art is now more popular than ever, we will collaborate on ideas and to produce a truly breathtaking image finished on giclee fine art paper, fine art framed canvas or many other art gallery products.


BRIDE 3.jpg

"A collaboration of ideas to produce a piece of luxury signature Fine-Art for your home"